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Traffic stop leads to charges for 21-year-old in Camden

Traffic stops in South Carolina often go awry for drivers. What was initially a pull-over for an out tail light or a failure to signal spirals into a string of charges not at all related to risky driving. When drivers are stopped by police who subsequently have increased suspicions, the best thing for the suspect to do is to cooperate within reason and consult with a defense attorney as quickly as possible.

Recently in Camden, South Carolina, a young man was pulled over by a sheriff's deputy on Interstate 20. A news item says that the driver was stopped because of a traffic violation, but the exact cause for the stop wasn't specified in the report.

Apparently, a search of the 21-year-old's vehicle ensued, but, again, the probable cause for the search wasn't mentioned. The deputy on the scene claims to have found a handgun inside the vehicle, and the weapon reportedly belonged to a former North Carolina state trooper. The driver said the gun was purchased in North Carolina.

However, police ran a check on the weapon, and it was reported as stolen. The trooper who formerly owned the .357-caliber revolver apparently received it as a gift following his retirement.

The news report doesn't indicate how the weapon was stolen, and it may take some careful investigation to trace the gun's progress into the young suspect's possession.

As is the case with criminal charges in general, piecing together the exact circumstances that led up to the arrest could prove beneficial to the defendant.

Source: The Republic, "SC man arrested after traffic stop finds him in possession of stolen NC trooper's gun," April 20, 2013

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